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A Voice That Echoes Your Concerns

My name is Tom Terwilliger, and I’m committed to making your voice heard in City Hall. I want to play an active role in making our community a safer, better place to raise children, retire, run a business, and forge a future filled with unlimited promise. 

I believe government must be honest and treat all citizens fairly and with respect.

Together we need to stop Pompano Beach's Fiscal Insanity.

I will fight for YOU

It's election time again. I need your help. Pompano is in debt $600+ Million*. The 2018 - 2019 budget will be increased almost $20 Million to bring spending to $285 Million per year and growing.
2019 City taxes and Fire Fees will be increased $20 Million. If the Constitutional homestead exemption passes the City will lose $1.4 Million in tax revenue that will be replaced by you paying higher property taxes. The County sales taxes increase question on the ballot could raise your sales taxes from 6% to 7%. Where do taxes end?


Presidential Appointee

To oversee U.S. Small Business Administration during five years.


Kentucky Long Distance Telephone Association during eight years.


Caring Community, Inc. Helping inner city students to stay in school for almost a decade.


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“Terwilliger is laser-focused on city spending and pledges to stabilize or reduce city taxes by “eliminating waste and overpriced contracts.”

“We are paying the taxes, but we are not getting the services,” he said.

Terwilliger, 73, a semi-retired investment banker, objected to the commission’s $181 million bond plan. If elected, he said he would push to direct some of that money to traffic concerns, and to pay the debt early to save interest expenses.

He supports cutting city trash fees and changing the city charter to set term limits for the mayor and commission.

And he’s right to expect better results from the troubled CRA in the Northwest.”



Sun Sentinel Editorial Board

“Congratulations on being endorsed by The Hispanic Vote.”

The Hispanic Vote

The Hispanic Vote

Aron J. Gibson Esq. Board Member

“Tom Terwilliger for the past 5 years has been the founder and leader of a group of citizens that believes in term limits. Currently the Mayor and Commissioners can stay as long as they can get re-elected. The mayor just resigned after 25 years of service, one commissioner is resigning this year after 12 years, and another commission is trying to run for mayor after about 13 years as a commissioner. If a mayor or commissioner in cannot make the changes they were in 8 years, it’s time to change them. Eight years is enough. We need 8 year Term Limits in Pompano Beach and Tom has been our voice constantly appearing at City Commission meetings telling the politicians 8 years is enough, we need term limits. We support Tom because he has and will support us.”

Richard Marks

Richard Marks

Board of Directors of Citizens for Good Government

“District 2 needs a commissioner to represent this community of working class,seniors and young persons beginning their professions.District 2 residents are burdened greatly with taxes, fees and city debt. And they have not benefited from the rest of the city’s redevelopment needed to create a higher quality of life that all residents should have. District 2 needs Terwilliger’s voice on the commission.”

The Pelican Newspaper

The Pelican Newspaper


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Christ Church United Methodist

 Precinct c027

Pompano Beach Middle School

310 NE 6th St.
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060

PRECINCT C030 / C031

First Brazilian Baptist Church

PRECINCT c033 / c034

Norcrest Elementary School

 Precinct c035

Boys & Girls Club of Broward County

212 NW 16th St
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Leisureville Clubhouse # 1

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